Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Medical Things

Only 14% of clinical trials succeed. To gain competitive advantage, companies use our Internet of Medical Things algorithms and stay ahead. Adventum makes clinical trials faster, easier, and more effective by linking your health status with programmed electronic devices for real-time doctor-to-patient communication, connecting you to appropriate medical authorities before your condition worsens. Adventum IoMT touches on telemedicine in enabling remote, lifesaving care. Networking via internet-connected devices is visible throughout developed and developing worlds; at Adventum, we wield this opportunity to increase global healthcare quality, while prioritising patient privacy with top-notch data security.

Predictive Analysis

Monitor Disease Trends

  • Dissect mountains of data to determine prevalence levels of diseases worldwide.
  • Analyse disease-related data sets to create and modify clinical trial drugs and treatments in accordance with patient condition changes
  • Perform predictive analysis on future disease manifestations and prepare resources accordingly

Financial Plan

Reduce Clinical Trial Cost

  • Use IoMT algorithms to conduct clinical trial operations cheaply and efficiently
  • Generate and evaluate a concrete financial plan to prevent unexpected cost requirements

Manage Greater Data

Obtain Greater Information Flow

  • Manage infinitely greater data than the limited information of traditional clinical trials using Adventum IoMT

Medical Conjecture

Avoid Risks

  • Rely on factual and complete IoMT data and eliminate the need and possibility for medical conjecture and human error
  • Avoid computer glitches and loss/alteration of patient information
  • Conduct specific research and treatment forecasts
  • Prevent wrongful diagnosis

Prioritizing Urgent Cases

Reduce Mortality Rate

  • Utilize immense data for informed decisions on life-saving clinical trial success
  • Save time and patient lives by identifying and prioritizing urgent cases
  • Avoid deadly progression of patient conditions
  • Respond to critical patient needs in real time

Healthcare Professionals

Implement Full Automation

  • Enable 100% secure devices to study changes in patient conditions, and refer cases needing immediate action to relevant healthcare professionals
  • Reduce unnecessary man-hour and establish remote doctor-to-patient monitoring
  • Get real-time diagnostics and solutions to technical issues

Why Monitor Disease Trends?

Perform predictive analysis on future disease manifestations and prepare resources accordingly

Adventum Clients are satisfied with

Communication is in Real Time

Faster Communication

Millions of patients suffer each year due to late or lack of diagnosis. Patients are often unable to see relevant doctors specialized in their needs. With Adventum, patient information is shared with the right doctor the moment a problem occurs. Communication is in real time, stopping manifested diseases or issues from progressing.

Precise Decision-Making

Greater Automation

IoMT devices and programs need little human intervention. Implemented systems connect doctors and patients and run on pre-installed programming, connecting to Big Data, A.I. and ML databases to stimulate a faster, accurate and precise decision-making, and eliminating the potential for human error.

Quickly and Save Time and Money

Cost reduction

Our clients bypass the cost of time-consuming patient appointments, diagnosis, and disease treatments by managing patients’ conditions in real time. By monitoring the states of many patients at once, doctors’ real-time communication with patients enable them to act quickly and save time and money.

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