Time and finance are crucial drivers of clinical drug trials. At Adventum, we transform the way you operate, working alongside top contract research organizations (CROs) Quintiles, Covance, and Parexel in using Blockchain algorithms to dominate the industry. Research shows approximately 85% of patients seeking treatment are unaware of relevant clinical trials. Extensive time and costs often lead to clinical trial failure. The lack of reliable data management results in incomplete, inaccurate and unsatisfactory results. Our blockchain technology combines and solves these problems to enhance clinical drug trials with greater efficiency, lower costs, and guaranteed results.

Faster Decentralized Operations

Digital Systems Transformation

  • Revamp clinical trial digital systems, network online and offline, and gain competitive advantage with securer, easier, and faster decentralized operations
  • Keep permanently secure company assets within the encrypted access of verified medical personnel

Detect And Analyse Breaches

Data Management and Auditing

  • Fully comply with health, pharmaceutical, government and legal policies in terms of data security and privacy
  • Detect and analyse accidental or intentional breaches, conduct forensics to detect fraud, and verify all third-party information in real-time

Optimal Security

Security Insurance

  • Provide and guarantee optimal security to clinical trial facilities and patients
  • Safely maintain medical assets and protect against theft and intrusion
  • Ensure full encryption and validation process in a decentralized system

Blockchain-Facilitated Systems

Drug Traceability

  • Get ahead of drug counterfeiting with our Blockchain-facilitated systems, and protect patients from imprecise prescriptions and misuse of medication
  • Monitor patient and clinical trial facility records to understand the progression of drug trials, problems and improvements for better decision-making and time-saving

Health-Related Transactions

Data Transparency

  • Establish better collaboration and higher efficiency in all health-related transactions, using our effective and automated blockchain systems
  • Ensure all confidential patient and company records are unchangeable, unless authorized in a consensus by verified blockchain participants

Patient Health Information (PHI)

Data Integrity

  • Record, manage and access patient health information (PHI) in real-time, with secure, error-free storage
  • View and study reliable data from the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)
  • Make instant verification of medical insurance claims to fasten trials

Why Blockchain-facilitated systems?

Drug counterfeiting with our Blockchain-facilitated systems, and protect patients from imprecise prescriptions and misuse of medication.

Our clients confidently stay ahead in

Communication Easier And Faster

Doctor-Patient Interaction

Blockchain makes it easier for medical professionals to act on patients’ conditions or medical curiosities without the possibility for human error, misuse or loss of information. With Adventum, you’ll share information easily without the need for third-party verification, making communication easier and faster.

Shorten Process

Faster Clinical Trials

The crippling expense of clinical trials makes it necessary to shorten the lengthy process, and Adventum Blockchain systems are the only secure way to save time and money while generating fruitful clinical results.

Share Information Securely

Secure Operations

Doctor-to-patient information had never been secure. Traditional platforms enabling doctors to share patient information are vulnerable to intrusion and human error, which may result in data loss. Our Blockchain promises a reliable way to interact, allowing authorised personnel to change or share information securely.

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